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“The only thing that can stop us from accessing our creativity is fear… fear of failure, fear of our own limitations, of comparisons, of success, and the list goes on.” — Maria Mikailas

Friday, March 27, 2009

Fallas 2009. Part 2.

Fallas 2009. Part 2.


This is the "ninot indultat",
it won't be burned by popular voting:

Another element,
but this one will be burned:

Our Lady of the Helpless
with her mantle of flowers:

My dad and I,
Happy Father's Day!!!


A very funny street artist:

The "cremà" on the TV:

See you next year!!

Fallas 2009. Part 1.

I Know it's kind of late, but...

Fallas 2009. Part 1.
The Fallas web page.
What are Fallas?


A few Fallas:

My first horchata of the season:

More Fallas:

The Townhall of Valencia:

1st prize of lighted streets:

More Fallas:

Me eating "churros":

Another traditional food: "buñuelos".

The "Nit de Foc" (Night of Fire) 18.03.2009. Last night fireworks of the Fallas:

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A great Saturday :o)

Yesterday was a great Sat :o)

In the morning, my mom and I went to the gym I go (she went as a guest) to some swimming and spa-ing, oh my!!

When I got home in the afternoon, a package!! I'm in a USA Yahoo! group and one of the ladies, Benjji, got me a present (it's a wish chain and she granted mine). I didn't ask for anything in special, just stuff in bright colors, whatever!!
This is what I got:

And, at night, I received an email... I've won a set of Ali Edwards' stamps in a Studio Calico's blog giveaway!!

Yesterday was a great-great day and I just can say:


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