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In July-2008,I finally decided to open my particular window to the Scrapping world. I hope you like what you read and see, and I also hope that you share your creativity with me, I'd love to see your projects!!

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“The only thing that can stop us from accessing our creativity is fear… fear of failure, fear of our own limitations, of comparisons, of success, and the list goes on.” — Maria Mikailas

Monday, November 30, 2009

Yesterday's adventure :)

Yesterday, after a 17 hours of double shift, I finished at 8am and took a train at 8.35am to Barcelona, to attend and arts and crafts fair along with another crazy scrapper who I hadn't met before.

It was amazing!!!

THANKS to everybody who made it possible :)

Friday, September 18, 2009

My scrap-space, 11-sep-2009

I've finally taken the pics!!

I hope you like it...

1. Corner punches and other random shapes, eyelets and circle cutter.
2. More punches: circles, butterflies and hearts.
3. Even more punches: squares, stars and other random shapes.
4. Fiskars border punches and McGill's mini file folder, tab and round tab punches.
5. Metal and plastic embellies.
6. Felt, foam and other stuff.
7. Buttons and ribbons.
8. Ribbons.
9. Fabrics and threads.

1. Buttons and some Basic Grey's ribbons. Color Me Silly.
2. Ribbons (and the buttons that didn't fit above).
3. Chipboard and rub-ons.
4. A few wooden M letters to be altered.
5. Paints.
6. Materials for Shimelle's class and other projects.
7. Adhesives: foam dots, glue dots, double sided tape.
8. Cotton discs and adhesive cork.
9. Paper scraps, stickers and templates.
10. Some classes' info, pics, etc
11. Exta stuff, inks and my tiny Xyron.
12. Fancy scissors. In Ikea small boxes, from L to R and above-below,
findings, flowers, big chipboard letters, big stickers.
13. Albums, not filled!
14. Books about scrapbooking.

A close-up :)

Another close-up :)

1. A cupboard with foam stamps; gesso, Mod Podge and PVA;
journaling stuff: tags, spots, cards, etc; binders with some info, sketches, examples, etc

2. Binding machine and some info from my trip in 1999, my big project!
3. Typewriter rescued from my parents'.
4. Info from other classes. That's not there anymore.
5. Xmas related stuff.
6. A few small boxes with random stuff: altered chipboard,...
7. My stool from Ikea :)

And last, but not least,...
And specially for Liz Gil...


Well, the felt ones :)

Thanks if you've made it through here :)
A big hug,

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm finally on vacation!!

So, yes! I'm officially on vacation till Sep 30th, I couldn't wait anymore!!!

After a Summer of high temperatures and hurting legs, now I can relax!!!

I hope to use my time the best way I can... first of all, relax and charge my batteries for the upcoming Fall, and then get ready my apartment for the new season, go back to the gym and take care of my health (I really need it), study a little bit for my nursing exams (hospital stuff) and, of course, scrap! :D

Today Shimelle's class Learn Something New Every Day starts. Since I signed up last year, I don't have to pay again :D That's one of the fun parts of some of Shimelle's classes. If you're reading this before 5 am (UK time), go to her blog and leave a comment for a chance to win a free spot in the class for you and four of your friends.

Another class that I'm thinking about is Ali Edwards' last class for Big Picture Scrapbooking, Yesterday & Today. It's kind of pricey but it lasts 13 weeks. What do you think about it?
It starts next Oct 1st, so I still have time...

Well, now...

I'll be showing you my projects...

A big hug,

P.S. Images from the Internet.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm here!!

Well, my last post was about a month ago, time goes by so fast!!

I’ll try to summarize these last weeks…

The Summer is not going too bad after all, although I won’t be on vacation till Sep. As some of you know, I work kind of crazy shifts, and that means days off here and there. My legs hurt a lot because of this hot and my *slight* overweight, but Sep is almost here!! :o)

Jose and I still don’t know if we’ll travel somewhere. Anyways, you’d see the pics hehehe

About a month ago, we went to IKEA and bought a few things to turn my scraproom into our shared hobby room.

He enjoys making models and puzzles but didn’t have where to do it. I told him to re-organize my space to share it with him and it’s almos ready. I just need to put back in some of my stuff.

I’ll show you some pics when I’m done. I’ve tried to use what I had but we’ve bought a few things: I already had this drawer unit, and this is its new sister, a Expedit, of course! And Jose's delight.

I’ve had a hard time with my computer lately…

My hard disk died a few weeks ago and I’m OK with it. I didn’t lose any important info but it wasn’t funny at all… I still hope we can save something but don’t think too much about it. I already have a new one :o)

The Internet has been fooling me lately… I had to set up a new email account because I couldn’t work with mine. Anyways, everything was going wrong and I don’t know if it was my computer, Mozzila, or what! But it’s working OK now, great!!

As for my scrap, as you can imagine, I haven’t done anything. Well, I’ve been preparing myself to start a big project: an album for a great trip I went to before I came back home from the USA when I was an aupair, back in July 1999.

I’ve enlarged a few pics and organized memorabilia, I’ve bought some travel/vacation themed stuff, etc I’ll keep you posted.

Between all this reorganization, there’s just one thing left… reorganize myself… my apartment, my job, my nursing exams from the hospital I’m working in, myself (my scrap, exercising,…)…

I hope to finish this Summer relaxed and go “back to school” with energy, enjoying my vacation time and get ready for Fall/Winter :o)

Thanks if you’ve made it through here.

I hope to come back soon with some stuff to show you.

A big hug, enjoy your Summer, and Happy Scrap!!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Can you believe this blog is a year old??!!

Yes, it's my blog-birthday!!!

It's amazing how time goes by...

I started writing this post last year so, if I don't remember
my blog's first b-day on July 9th, this will be post automatically :-)

So, today is Aug 11th, 2008, and I'm starting this post at 2:25PM. I hope I update it from time to time. I think it will be fun to see the bits I write through the year...

Aug 18th, 2008
, on vacation in my boyfriend's hometown (12th-22nd) :-)

Aug 25th, 2008, my blog in Spanish Atrévete a Crear... was born a few minutes ago :-)

Sep 6th, 2008, I went back to work after the Summer on the 1st and started working out again at the gym this week too. I'll be making several scrapbooking projects in the next weeks... it feels great to be back on roll.

I totally forgot about this!!!! I've just seen it :o)

So, today is the day...

After reading what I wrote last year I must say:
1st. not too much working out,
2nd. not too much scrapbooking neither.

It's Summer again, and it's so hot!!!! I'm feeling so tired this year :o( but I'll try to survive till my vacation time in Sep... I'll have a few days off here and there though.

Jose just started working in a great place but with a weird schedule, so I'll have plenty of time off through the Summer to relax, scrap and study for some nursing exams,... in no particular order...
Those exams are to get a lifetime place in the hospital I'm working in now... difficult business...

Well, I'll be around :o)

Just one more thing. I've read this, I mean, I needed to read this. I need to pay attention to this:

Kwerner Design Blog:
Use it, sister!


A big hug,

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