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“The only thing that can stop us from accessing our creativity is fear… fear of failure, fear of our own limitations, of comparisons, of success, and the list goes on.” — Maria Mikailas

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Pinterest :)

Since Journal Your Christmas, by Shimelle Laine, starts next Thursday, December 1st, I think it's time for sharing some Christmas inspiration. Enjoy! :)

Christmas Scrapbooking.

Christmas cards & tags.

Christmas decorations & other.

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Vacation time is over…

Vacation time is over… well, officially, because I won't be on duty at work till next Thursday, November 3rd hehehe

I was going to write an elaborated post, explaining a few things, but I think I’ll go directly to the point, just like a telegram :)

- Almost 4 months ago, my life changed, and I feel so good now. I’ve recovered the calm I was missing so much. But I know I must be alert…

- My trip to the USA, to visit a great friend of mine and her family, was a success, oh yeah!: introspection, group therapy and tons of shopping :)

- I begin a new stage of my life totally renewed: batteries charged, new wardrobe, freshly painted in white apartment (when the painters come...) and new Studio,

because I’ve moved my scraproom into the master bedroom, and it’s going to be My Studio to scrap or make cards, to either paint or do a mess with gesso if I feel like it, to learn how to use my sewing machine, it’ll be my dressing room too, and to study…

- Yes, you’ve read “to study”. I’m back to the university!

I’ve registered in the National University of Distance Learning, UNED, to start a Degree in English Studies. I’ve been thinking about it for a few years, and I’ve felt right now is “the moment”.

I’ve never studied/liked subjects like History or Literature, so I face this challenge a little bit expectant but excited too.

- I’ve also joined a gym to burn some energy.

I think I’m done. Yes, I know I said “just like a telegram”, but it was impossible for me to summarize it in fewer words.

As for my job, we’re still “in danger”, but as long as the days and months continue going by…

If you’ve read through here, THANKS, and, if you feel like it, I’d appreciate your opinion as well as your encouragement, which is always good to hear, well, to read

A big hug and read you soon,

P.S. I forgot to mention my visit to the hairdressers' sometime during this week...
coming soon...

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