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“The only thing that can stop us from accessing our creativity is fear… fear of failure, fear of our own limitations, of comparisons, of success, and the list goes on.” — Maria Mikailas

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Blog prompt 18. July 30th, 2008. My Freedom, Shimelle's class.

18 - Who was your personal favourite teeny-bopper pin-up? Share a story about that dreamboat or another happy teenage memory with your readers.

I didn't have such an idol in my teens; I didn't listen to the radio that much nor I saw too much TV. I preferred being playing around, enjoy my stuff,...

I can't remember right now a certain happy teenage memory but I remember I've always done whatever I've wanted... I studied, I went out with friends, I danced till the sunrise, I got into the see dressed, I travelled a little bit, I built my future the way I wanted,... I used to wear colorful and "strange" clothes no matter what people said, I was (I'm still) so sincere and I'm glad my friend like me that way.

I was so independent and so am I nowadays. It's just ME :-)


kathj said...

You sound cool!

Carrie said...

Cool! Love that you wore what you wanted! I always spend too much time thinking about what others will think - something I'm trying to get over!

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