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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wednesday's question: 4 simple goals (before 2011...)

Ami and Andrea, Spanish fellow scrappers of mine, after Elsie's post, I'm going to write my 4 simple goals before the end of the year; let's see if I come back from my vacation month full with energy :)

-- 4 simple goals before 2011 --

1. Disconnect and enjoy my vacation month, and start my new stage at work with my batteries charged.
This year has been filled with lots of personal ups and downs, and I really need a restorative holiday. Besides, next October, I'll start working in a new area in the hospital and, as in any new project that grows up from zero, I need to be 100%.

2. Continue with the healthier eating I've started during this year, and start making exercise.
It's been kind of easy for me, I've lost 15 kilo!! but now I need to make exercise regularly to tone my body, specially now that I'm heading my 35s... hehehe

3. Study a litte bit, even if it's just to not cry the day of the exam.
I need to pass a few exams to get a permanent spot in the public health system, but I'm not feeling like studying right now. I could say my books are still unopenned.
So, bearing in mind that the exam in the hospital I'm currently working in could be at the end of next October, I hope, at least, to practice making some tests.

4. Scrap.
Yes, I need to get my hands on my huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge and great stash in that special corner I've created for myself, which is missing me so much.
It's taken me so long to reorganize it, so I guess I should get in that place for hours, even if it's just for the hundreds of buttons, meters of ribbons of different colors, 4 small drawers full of paper punches and two drawers full of stamps...

Do you dare to write your own goals?

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