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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas is coming... Are you ready?

Oh yes, there are tons of Christmas projects already fluttering around the Internet :)
My favourites?
Journal Your Christmas, by Shimelle Laine, and December Daily, by Ali Edwards.

As some of you know, I'm not feeling too cheerful lately, and scrapbooking is one of the few things that make me smile and surfing around to find out what's going on :) I love taking a look to your pages & projects, and save some of the images as inspiration. All of us know that this hobby is so therapeutic, and that's what I need right now.

Well, that's enough of me for today. Here you have the links to read about the two Christmas projects I'm talking about:

I've been part of Shimelle's class since 2007; that's the great stuff, once you're in, it's free forever, and each year the materials and the private forum are even better. We start on Dec 1st and finish on Jan 6th: 37 prompts and tons of extras. Some of us make a couple of more days documenting the cleaning up of the decorations, some reflections, etc.

Ali's project is different. She shows us her Christmas diary, Dec 1st-25th, since the beginning: selecting the album, preparation, pages, etc and you are free to join in. It's not a class ,but it's worth it to take a look and follow it because of the inspiration you get from Ali 's album as well as all the participants' :)

The best thing to do? Something in between :) Although I work better following Shimelle's class.

Here you have the links to the Flickr galleries to take a look:
Journal Your Christmas, since the group started using Flickr as our "public" gallery.
December Daily 2010 - 2009 - 2008.

HERE you can read my posts Christmas related, and
HERE you can visit my other blog where I post my pages for my Christmas albums [all of them unfinished :)].

This year I've tried to make it easier for myself to see if I get to finish my album in a decent time...
I bought a 6x12
album at the beginning of the year so I don't have to decide what to do by Nov 30th. New size for me.
As for the numbers for each day, I've bought them too for Dec 1st-31st :) A package of
2" circles printed in red with a white half. For Jan 1st-6th, I'll use cards from a mini Spanish playing cards deck; I may use the swords because they're blue and it'll probably be so cold [In Spain, we say "it's so cold that cuts"] :)

Well, now you can show me your Christmas projects, inspiration, etc

A big hug and enjoy creating.


theelfqueen said...

Can't WAIT for JYC!!!

alison290 said...

I'm SO looking forward to JYC! I live in Alcalali in the Jalon Valley, halfway between Valencia and Alicante and ,although have spent part of Christmas here the last couple of years, this will be our first Christmas Day here.

Anonymous said...

Hello Very funny post...

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