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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Big day in Spain and a story published.


First of all, today is a big day in Spain, we celebrate the Day of the Hispanity and Our Lady of the Pilar, Mistress of Spain. My best friend and another good friend are named after her, so they celebrate it today :-)

And now, big news for me... my Halloween story has been published!!!

A few weeks ago, I received a newsletter from Creativity Portal announcing their Halloween Story Contest.
I sent a short one, an anecdotal story of my first real Halloween in the USA in 1998, when I was an au pair.

Well, last Friday they sent me an email... they've chosen my story to be published among others; they'll pick two winners out of all of them. I'm so excited!!

If you'd like to read my story:

Boo Halloweenie! Who are you supposed to be?
[Update: As of Oct. 15th, I didn't win any prize but my prize is just seeing my name on the site. Thanks!]



Cathie in UT said...

A really fun memory and I don't know how often I would just play in the make-up put on an orange turtle neck shirt and black pants...with 80's style hair all frizzed out and lots of glitter to open the door for Halloween! LOL
Congrats on your winning and now I really want to see a scrapbook page about it all!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your comments on my blog. I'm sorry not to have responded sooner but things have been very busy here and it is hard to find time to write all of you who were so kind as to leave messages. Congrats to you on your story!! How wonderful. I will add you to my blog list so that I can check yours out daily.



BertaiPolete said...

Felicidades. Debe ser una pasada celebrar un Halloween auténtico, aunque yo si que me hincharia de chuches.
Un beso

Lisa Graves said...

What a great story, Mariangeles. congratulations on getting published. What a great accomplishment.

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